The hospitality management software created by hoteliers for hoteliers.

Developed with the hotel and hospitality industry in mind, the management software for hotels, AS HOTEL, handles all hotel management operations in an affordable and customizable package.

- Booking management
- Occupancy management
- Products and services management: breakfast, mini bar…
- Point of sales management
- Management of unlimited number of rooms and for a broad range of hospitality segments (hotels, vacation rentals…)
- Invoice and accounts
- Customizable software


Thanks to NASA data, the software Chloé enables you to calculate and visualize the orbits of the stars, mainly those included in the main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

- 4 views of a star trajectory: astrometry, terrestrial, galactic and geometric
- Reliable data (provided by NASA)
- Record of 120 years for a star trajectory
- Calculation of the orbital perimeter
- Calculation of the orbital velocity
- Included in the software: 500 stars, additional stars can be integrated into the software.