Thanks to NASA data, the software Chloé enables you to calculate and visualize the orbits of the stars, mainly those included in the main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

- 4 views of a star trajectory: astrometry, terrestrial, galactic and geometric
- Reliable data (provided by NASA)
- Record of 120 years for a star trajectory
- Calculation of the orbital perimeter
- Calculation of the orbital velocity
- Included in the software: 500 stars, additional stars can be integrated into the software.

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CHLOE features

The essential orbital calculation software for all enthusiasts of astronomy!

Chloé orbital calculation software includes all the information about the trajectory of a star or asteroid based on 4 perspectives: astrometry, terrestrial, galactic and geometric.

Chloé also calculates the perimeter and the orbital velocity in the forms perihelion, aphelion equator.

For each view, this orbital calculation software allows you to view two images (under the JPEG format), one with a black background (for on-screen display) and the other one, on a white background (for printing).

Finally, the pattern of the selected star’s orbit is very accurate and indicates the position of the sun, the perihelion and aphelion.

A 500-star list is included in the software but it is possible to integrate up to 670,000 stars in the software!

Finally a software that is fully dedicated to the asteroids’ orbital calculations!

Chloe logiciel de calcul orbital

Chloe Logiciel de calcul orbital

Chloe Logiciel de calcul orbital

System requirements for CHLOE

Windows 7, 8/8.1
500 Mo of free space on the disc